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Thursday 26 October 2017

09:00 Departure from Marriott

Tour A, B & C will depart by shuttle bus at the same time.

09:15 Secession building – Beethoven Frieze by Gustav Klimt

An exhibition hall built in the late 19th century and an architectural manifesto to the Vienna Secession. Today it is home to the Beethoven Frieze by Gustav Klimt, one of the most widely recognized artworks of the secessionist movement. Apart from the artwork, the building itself is a piece of art and is also depicted on the Austrian 50 cent coin. The secession will open exclusively for the group.

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10:00 Tram around parts of the Vienna Ringstraße

Learn all about the beautiful architecture of the Vienna Ringstraße, while enjoying a ride on an original Viennese streetcar. Constructed in the mid 19th century, the Ringstraße is known for its eclectic style, a mix of grand neo-Gothic, neo-Renaissance, neo-Classical and neo-Baroque buildings. Among other things you will see the Opera, Burgtheater, Rathaus, stock exchange, old univeristy and arrive at Burgring where we’ll have a short walk of 3 minutes to the Leopold Museum.

11:00 Leopold Museum

The Leopold Museum houses one of the largest collections of modern Austrian art, as well as the world’s largest Egon Schiele collection. Other artists featured are Gustav Klimt, Oskar Kokoschka, Richard Gerstl and the Wiener Werkstätte.
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12:45 Lunch & afternoon options

All groups will be back at the hotel between 17:00 and 17:30.


A - Third Man & Walking Tour

B - Apple Strudle-making

C - Sacher Torte-making

(max. 40 participants) (max. 50 participants) (max. 18 participants)
Lunch at Café Museum Lunch at Wrenkh Restaurant Lunch at Kochsalon Mörwald
Walk to Café Museum. Opposite of it you will find the entry to the Third Man Tour. Lunch at Café Museum, a typical Viennese café with delicious Viennese dishes, Shuttle service to Wrenkh Restaurant and Kochsalon, Bauernmarkt 10. The Kochsalon is situated in the restaurant.

Lunch at Wrenkh Restaurant famous for its healthy organic menu options

Shuttle service to Kochsalon Mörwald located at Palais Ferstel Lunch at Kochsalon Mörwald,
Third Man Tour Apple Strudle-making Sacher Torte-making
Even more than 50 years after its premiere, the dark post-war epic about Harry Lime (Orson Welles) remains one of Vienna’s film classics. Visit the original location, where the famous chase scene was filmed and trace Harry Lime’s steps through the Viennese sewer. Of course, the sewer is still in use today, so this is not something for people with sensitive noses (smell). Comfortable shoes are required. Join us at the Wiener Kochsalon to learn how the most Austrian of all desserts is made. Hands on experience slicing and peeling apples, preparing the filling, stretching the dough and forming the strudel. Listen to stories from the Viennese kitchen, while we wait for our strudels to bake. At the end, we will enjoy our freshly baked strudels with a good cup of Viennese coffee. The Vienna Sacher Torte, a Viennese classic and well guarded secret. Join the pastry chefs at historical Palais Ferstel to learn how to make this chocolaty dessert treat. Of course, you will also get a chance to taste, what you have baked, accompanied by a Viennese coffee specialty.
Walking Tour

„Best of Vienna – stories and legends“

Unknown and notorious scandals and love stories of the Imperial family are told on a walk through the city. Nothing happened at the court that did not become known within 24 hours in Vienna. Gossip followed the Habsburgs wherever they went - be it Crown Prince Rudolph and his love affairs or Archduke Ludwig Victor and his male lovers. Not suitable for children under the age of 14.    

18:15 Chemicals Convention dinner, sponsored by Accenture (Albertina)

The Albertina combines the authentic atmosphere of a grand imperial residence with the attractions of a thoroughly modern museum. Its neoclassical staterooms provide an extraordinary setting.

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Friday 27 October 2017


All groups will be back at the hotel between 16:00 and 16:30


A - Imperial Vienna

Start : 9:00 at Hotel Marriott
Shuttlebus to Imperial Treasury Vienna

B - The Sisi experience

Start : 9:00 at Hotel Marriott
Shuttlebus to Sisi Museum

C - Belvedere & Sweets

Start : 9:40 at Hotel Marriott
Shuttlebus to Belvedere

9:15 Tour of the Imperial Treasury Vienna
(max. 25 participants)
9:15 Tour of the Sisi Museum and Imperial Apartments
(max. 20 participants)
10:00 Tour of the Belvedere and Workshop Viennese Gold
(max. 30 participants)
Enjoy a tour of all the highlights the Imperial Treasury has to offer. You will be able to see Burgundian treasures, jewels and gems, jewellery and precious keepsakes from the Habsburg family.

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Get to know Sisi and her family during the course of this tour. Numerous personal effects that once belonged to the Empress are on display, illustrating Sisi’s real personality and her life at court. Learn about her daily beauty ritual, her love for riding and travelling, and court etiquette. Get a glimpse of what royal life was like during the time of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

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Gustav Klimt and his time, this tour introduces you to the world-famous Kiss by Gustav Klimt and the fascinating history of the Belvedere. After the tour you will get the chance to put what you have seen into practice, by crafting your very own souvenir using delicate gold leaf.
10:30 Spanish Riding School : “Morning Exercise” 10:30 Spanish Riding School : “Morning Exercise”  
Enjoy an aperitif served in the state rooms of the Spanish Riding School, while hearing an introduction to the history of the school and the building itself.

11:00 to 12:00 VIP seats in a private box will be reserved, from where you will enjoy a unique view of the morning exercise.

12:00 to 12:45 Exclusive tour including a visit to the stables

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Shuttle service to Restaurant Augarten, located close to the Porcelain Manufactory
Enjoy an aperitif served in the state rooms of the Spanish Riding School, while hearing an introduction to the history of the school and the building itself.

11:00 to 12:00 VIP seats in a private box will be reserved, from where you will enjoy a unique view of the morning exercise.

12:00 to 12:45 Exclusive tour including a visit to the stables

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Ten-minute walk to Restaurant Labstelle and Dancing School Stanek
13 : 15 Lunch at Restaurant Augarten 13:00 Lunch at Labstelle 12:45 Lunch Gasthaus Sperl
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Short walk to Zuckerlwerkstatt production facilities (8 min)
14:15 Porcelain Manufactory & Museum Augarten 14:15 Ballroom Dancing – Waltz 101 14:00 Zuckerlwerkstatt
Founded in 1718, the Vienna Porcelain Manufactory Augarten is the second oldest in Europe. Since its founding, each piece is manufactured and painted by hand in the heart of Vienna. Experience the fine art of porcelain production up close during a tour, at the end of which we invite you to join us for a glass of champagne.

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For those who prefer to spend their afternoon with a bit more of an active option, we offer the chance to take a two-hour crash course in ballroom dancing. Renowned Dancing School Stanek will give you the opportunity to get to know the most important Viennese dances. The Waltz will play a prominent role, as will the polka and the quadrille. If there there are too few dancing partners, the dancing school will organize professional dancers (taxi dancers) to dance with the ladies.
The Zuckerlwerkstatt produces handmade moments of happiness using centuries old recipes and only the best ingredients. You will get to see the production and learn how to create your own sweets yourself.

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18:00 Gala dinner hosted by the Austrian Federation of the Chemical Industry (Hofburg)

The Habsburg’s former throne room has a majestic beauty. Napoleon came here to court the Emperor’s daughter Marie Louise. 26 double tier crystal chandeliers
illuminate the space.

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